Friday, January 6, 2012

My God, Nikon has done it! Nikon D4 finally gives us what we want!

Nikon has announced their new flagship, Nikon D4 Full Frame camera.  And for the first time, it allows the user to record uncompressed video through HDMI without any restrictions.  That's pretty awesome.  This is exactly what everyone has been trying to get the 5D Mark II, the 7D and the GH2 to do for about two years. 

Nikon has already released their first HD movie on Youtube.
 Why is this awesome?  Well, now anyone with a $350 external recorder from Black Magic

can record directly to uncompressed Apple ProRes 422 and start editing immediately.  Of course, the problem is that many camera manufactures are already switching to 4K resolution like the Red Scarlet and the Canon C300.  And since the 5D Mark III hasn't been revealed yet, you can pretty much bet the farm that the 5D Mark III will likewise have uncompressed HDMI recording. 

The lesson here?  Don't buy Nikon unless you already own all their lenses. 

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