Barefoot Running

Why?  Because it makes me smile.  People look at me like I'm insane.  I guess it's pretty rare to see a 200 pound Chicano running down Western Ave wearing only shorts.  No shoes.  No shirt.  But it is fun.

The way I see it, running with shoes is just boring.  There's no element of danger or adventure.  You basically move fast until you can't.  That's what sea monkeys do.

When I run completely barefoot, I am forced by what I guess are my self-preserving instincts to use something I never did with shoes.  My eyes.  It forces you to do the most basic thing in the world that I don't when wearing shoes - look where I step.

It sounds simple, but when you are hitting a full stride on rough concrete throughout Western Ave., you soon realize that there's a lot of dangerous shit on the ground.  Glass, rocks, trash.  Bugs, plants. And the best part is that you can't lie to yourself about it.  If you don't watch your step, you bleed.  There's no middle ground.  Either you feel good, or you feel stupid.  It's awesome.

The other thing about barefoot running is that it's the only time I've actually felt evolution at work.  There's no lying about form.  Either you're doing something right or you're in pain.  It's the best trial by fire I've ever experienced.  And this is coming from a guy that did his first court trial a month out of law school.  No joke.  You quickly develop form in a way you never thought you could.

Anyway, I guess I'm just excited about running for 3.7 miles today without bleeding.  It made me smile.  It's that simple.  And it's free!

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