Monday, January 23, 2012

Mitt Romney, a Chicano Sell Out!

News flash!

Mitt Romney could be the first Chicano President of the United States.  It's true.  According to NPR's article of the Romney lineage, Mitt's father, George Romney, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and eventually migrated to the United States like many 1st generation Mexicans.  Crazy, huh. 

Of course, he probably didn't have to compete in the great Chicano Olympics of swimming the Rio Grande or jogging stealthily across a barren desert.  But the fact remains, Mitt is 2nd Generation Mexican, making him a full-blooded Chicano.

It seems that Mitt's great grandfather migrated to Mexico from the U.S. when polygamy was banned in the U.S.  In fact, there's still a whole bunch of Romneys in Mexico.  Or is it, "Romni"?  Either way, it's clear that his anti-immigration stance make him a self-hating Chicano. 

All of Mitt's intended immigration policies, if President, would keep other, hard-working Romney-Chicanos - or "Rom-Chicans" - out in Mexico to deal with Narco war kidnappings, while he applies for a four year lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

This can not stand.  As red-blooded Americans, we need to do everything we can to help get the wife-surfer, Newt, elected as the Republican candidate for President.  It is only then, can Obama kick Newt's ass and get another four years.  This is not to suggest Obama can't beat up Mitt.  I'm just so tired of seeing Black on Brown violence.  Even if the brown guy is a Rom-Chican.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Callista Gingrish = Stepford First Lady?

This could be our next First Lady.  A Stepford Wife.  Callista Gingrich.  Callista?  Huh?  Who names their kid, "Callista"?   

Newt.  What a joke.

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