Monday, April 16, 2012

Black Magic Design announces a 2.5K RAW Camera for $3K!


I am fully aware April fools has past.  Blackmagic Design have a camera that has a 2.5K sensor, can do 13 stops of dynamic range and 12-bit RAW, Uncompressed files.

Blackmagic Design have announced the BMD Cinema Camera and it is just $2995. Well known Australian Cinematographer John Brawley had a very hands on dealings with the BMD Cinema Camera.


Download footage shot by John Brawley on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera HERE.

Briefly, this is why RAW matters:

 The first image is a typical DSLR.  The second is RAW footage.  And the third is color graded.

Go to Black Magic's website for more info.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Learn How to Light while browsing the Internet

Yeah.  I know.  The bold headed guy is scary.  But don't miss the point.  Virtual Studio Lighting has developed a pretty awesome application all within the browser.  It works best on Chrome, but Firefox should work aslo.

It basically teaches you lighting in a very practical way.  You can add various types of lightings and filters and it gives you instant feedback on how your subject will look.  It's also somewhat addicting so now all your time isn't eaten up by Facebook.

Give it a try.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rejoice! Canon 4K DSLR will be announced tomorrow!

According to, Canon will be announcing their 4K DSLR tomorrow morning.

According to, "Canon are due to issue a press release ahead of NAB. What my source says about the new cameras is pretty extraordinary even in light of what Sony are doing with the FS700.
Canon will release a C500 for $25,000.
This is designed to be an Epic killer.
It is 4K at 120fps with EOS RAW via 3G HD-SDI. Officially certified raw recording deck solutions are being provided by Blackmagic and AJA.
At 60 fps EOS RAW from the C500 is 12 bit. This drops to a still impressive 10 bit at 120p.
The C500 also pumps out 1080p, 2K and Quad HD.
And now for the 4K DSLR…
Costing $10k. This does ALL-I, IPB and MJPEG 4K.
Both the C500 and 4K EOS DSLR have log profiles.
Another feature is that it has a Super 35mm crop mode (like the D800 with DX crop mode) for compatibility with cinema lenses."

Cinema 1D - 4K DSLR