Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rejoice! Canon 4K DSLR will be announced tomorrow!

According to, Canon will be announcing their 4K DSLR tomorrow morning.

According to, "Canon are due to issue a press release ahead of NAB. What my source says about the new cameras is pretty extraordinary even in light of what Sony are doing with the FS700.
Canon will release a C500 for $25,000.
This is designed to be an Epic killer.
It is 4K at 120fps with EOS RAW via 3G HD-SDI. Officially certified raw recording deck solutions are being provided by Blackmagic and AJA.
At 60 fps EOS RAW from the C500 is 12 bit. This drops to a still impressive 10 bit at 120p.
The C500 also pumps out 1080p, 2K and Quad HD.
And now for the 4K DSLR…
Costing $10k. This does ALL-I, IPB and MJPEG 4K.
Both the C500 and 4K EOS DSLR have log profiles.
Another feature is that it has a Super 35mm crop mode (like the D800 with DX crop mode) for compatibility with cinema lenses."

Cinema 1D - 4K DSLR

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