Monday, February 27, 2012

Lawyers do jury duty too!

That annoying part of civil society has once again reared its snail-paced head at me, requiring me to miss work to sit in a large room and wait.

It's not that I hate jury duty. It's just that as a lawyer, jury duty means I will never get picked to serve.

This is not my first civil rodeo. Like several times before, I'm going to sit, answer questions from other lawyers who I'm fairly confident I could beat in an arm wrestling contest, and then I'll be given the boot. Too scared that a lawyer might help the jury to understand what they're doing.

It's like going to a dance and being rejected by everyone there. Basically, I get to re-live all the rejection of high school all over again. Awesome.

So since I had a court appearance at the same court I'm doing my civil duty, I decided to wear my nicest suit. "Since no one wears suits for jury duty," I thought, "maybe I'll get kicked off quicker." It's not working. I'm still here. Sitting. Waiting.

So that's my Monday. Sitting on my ass, waiting for the rejection. High School all over again.

Happy Monday.