Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GH2 176mb GOP1 Hack Test - Color Grading Works!

So I'm completely sold on drinking the GH2 Hack Kool-Aid.  Yesterday, I shot footage of Alexandra at 640 ISO and put the shot through the color grading ringer.  I applied a ridiculous amount of desaturation of highlights and shadows, I increased the shadow detail by 50% in Premiere Pro, I cropped the top and bottom, I put all the shadows and highlights in the dark blue end of the color wheel corrector, and the mid-tones in the bright orange end of the color wheel and the image held up like Michele Bachman's make-up in the Republican debates last night.  Yeah, that good.

Obviously, the point of this exercise was to see how much the hacked footage could take before too much digital noise started to destroy the image.  Clearly it can take a beating.  If you watch the image in 1080P, you'll notice that the only noise introduced looks more like film grain than computer vomit.  For tech geeks such as myself, this is fucking awesome.  Only issue is that my 32GB SD card now only holds 14 minutes of video.  But that is a small trade-off considering I was thinking about buying an external recorder and SSD drives.

Trust me, the GH2 is the camera to buy.  I've owned far too many cameras to make such a statement and not mean it.


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