Saturday, February 5, 2011

Venice is exploding!

I went a little After Effects crazy on this video. I basically added an explosion and camera shake whenever I felt like it. Some look good, most look cheesy.

Mmmm. Cheese.

Anyway, I shot this while riding my KTM LC4 620 Enduro. I wore a cheap $20 ebay shoulder mount to hold my camera while shifting. I used my Panasonic GH2 with a Pentax 25mm f1.4 lens.

The ISO was at 3200 the whole time. The lens is a manual lens so I basically had to ride and focus at the same time. Good times.

So watch it. Enjoy.

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  1. Gabe, you have a micro 4/3 lens you wanna sell? Digging these posts BTW

  2. Hey Brian,
    I got plenty of lenses. Let me know when you want to check them out.