Monday, December 6, 2010

I shot Teresita's!

So this past weekend, I shot some great Mexican food at Teresita's Restaurant.

Teresita's is located at 3826 East 1St Street, Los Angeles, CA 90063.  And if you like Mexican food, you need to check it out.  It's awesome.  A friend from my law school days invited me to photograph some of the plates they serve and since I never photographed food before, I jumped at the chance.

I did my research, consisting of Google searches and a conversation with professional photographer and motorcyclist Paul Buck.  With that information in my head, I took my gear to Teresita's.

The day started slowly since I never photographed food.  I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to arrange the plates in a natural yet appealing way.

This first plate seemed forced and unmotivated.  The coffee breakfast looked great, but arranging them in a straight line wrongly suggested an assembly-line type restaurant.

I eventually figured out that the plates should be surrounded in a circle as if a starving food critic was about to eat for the first time after being rescued from a deserted island.  I also cropped most of the areas that didn't show food.

This helped.

The following are some of the other photographs shot.

The last photograph is of owners Teresita Hernandez and her son, Tony Hernandez.

Now go do yourself a favor.  Go to Teresita's Restaurant and eat like that starving food critic recently rescued from a deserted island.


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