Thursday, September 9, 2010

Learning Joomla isn't easy

So I'm downloading old files via Crash Plan from an old laptop that I switched to Ubuntu, while learning Joomla, picking a new theme on WordPress, reviewing the newest HDSLR equipment on planet5D News, and listening to KCRW.  I've been doing these same things for several hours now.  All while drinking the $10 Tequila bottle from Trader Joe's.

Then my woman walks in from the Downtown L.A. Art-walk, tipsy and cranky.

"You don't spend enough time with me," she says.

"I'm learning how to make a website. Right now, I don't have a website!"

She doesn't care.  She went to sleep even more cranky because I kept working instead of spooning.

Oh well, back to Joomla.

1 comment:

  1. You woman and my woman must hang out. She never care about me trying to make more money., Well, she wants me to, just wants me to do it attached to her hip.